Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Cat- and Helicopter-Blogging

I'm not formulating very big thoughts right now.  I'm working on a fifth anniversary post for Chris, which means that I spent the early part of the week also processing that it had been five years since The Day When Everyone Died and Then My Wedding Was At The End Of The Week.  And so there's going to be more Not Much Content, But There Are Pictures. 

I've been keeping myself busy.  We've been getting around to visiting a couple of people, and going back and forth between our parents.  We got remote control helicopters for both of our fathers, and so our week has had a lot of this:

This morning, Chris and I were cleaning up around here, and I got distracted by taking pictures of his parents' cat (I take pictures of her because I can't pet her, on account of the allergies).  And then it occurred to me "This is the sort of thing that people post on their blogs."

 Eddie is thinking, "One of these days, I will destroy this strange woman who sticks a camera in my face."

And so, for those of you who are interested in cats with pink noses, helicopters, and pictures of my silly father: you're welcome. 


The Blog Fodder said...

Love both pictures. Have the two dads had helicopter dogfights yet?

LynnieC said...

I am interested in all of those things. Hurray! Thanks.