Thursday, July 01, 2010

One more sleep

I have a stack of papers beside me, with all the information for our accommodations and reservations for tomorrow and August 1st. I've been making a lot of calls, booking motels and campsites and ferries.  The iPod and all our cell phones are charging.  I spent a bit of time and put together an Epic Driving Playlist, with more than a day's worth of music.  Every item of clothing in the whole house is now clean. Chris has emptied out the fridge. We have fifteen pounds of dry ice for the cooler.  I've made so many lists and have talked to my landlady four times today.  I've spent as much time as possible resting (with the exception of Chris's high school's grad) to get over this cold, and it's almost gone now.

All that's left is packing and a little more cleaning, and then we're ready to leave for Saskatchewan tomorrow morning. 

I'm excited, because we'll be driving through Jasper for the first time in both our lives. People keep describing that road as "one of the most beautiful in Canada." [Note to self: charge all the camera batteries.]  We've been making a lot of plans around making this trip enjoyable: we were going to take the first ferry of the morning, but then found out that the 8am ferry was the really nice new one, and so we made a reservation for that one instead.  Tomorrow night, we're camping near Mt. Robson.  And then, after another day of driving, we'll be together with almost all my extended family and oldest friends at Camp. 

I'm more than a little excited.  Home.

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The Blog Fodder said...

It is a lovely drive and next trip, Tanya and I want to take several days to drive it instead of just one so we can stop and look at everything. Enjoy.