Friday, April 16, 2010

The Verdict (aka More Meat-Blogging)

I tried the Simply Recipes method for roast beef, using the eye of round cut, and it was ridiculously good.  It was so tender and the gravy was so good that I keep going back and sneaking extra little pieces out of the fridge.  Seriously: wow wow wow. 

Also, it was really fun making little wedges of garlic and putting them in incisions all over the roast. 

In other words: Stamp of Approval!  (In other other words: Mom, try this recipe.)


In other news, what is it with Friday evenings and my dissertation?  For the second Friday evening in a row, I've suddenly had better writing ideas than I've had all week, sat down and made a bunch of progress.  I'm not complaining; I just wish I could get this kind of work done during the daytime. 

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eventhere said...

I am plagued by a similar Friday evening productivity. Seems funny to complain about any sort of productivity, but it was when I got all my homework done my last three semesters at McGill. It's akin to the three am and I just decided that I'd work until then and turn in productivity. Things start kicking in ten minutes before I promise myself I can go to bed and then I simply can't (shouldn't?) stop!

My theories range from the fact that less people are online (which is not backed up by the fact that I've been able to have friends world wide keep me company CONSTANTLY throughout the last two all nighters I've pulled) and the fact that my brain works better when I'm not yelling at it that it must. Ie, it works better when it thinks it is allowed not to be productive. The latter is my favourite theory... the former would mean I have an internet problem. And I'd miss the internet too much to have to deal with that. haha.

Mayhaps there are other common factors? I found I was more likely to listen to music when I roomie wasn't home in Montreal (ie, Friday nights) and here I've noticed that I'm more prone to certain types of music. I'm experimenting.

Too bad we can't bottle it, eh? Save it for a rainy day?