Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just the kind of day I needed

It's sunny and warm outside, and I went walking on campus with a friend.  The sun shone and we walked through the university's flower garden.

And then I went to the library and found a really helpful book, that uses the same basic framework I'm using in my dissertation. (This initially panicked me, when I discovered that he is even drawing from the same theorists as I am, and I went momentarily to the "Oh no, am I just rehashing someone else's work unwittingly?" place, but he only looked at newspapers and at a different time period, and so I've decided that this is wonderfully helpful rather than scary.)

And then I came home to two packages in the mail, both of which contained cards for me: one from a blog pal whom I'm helping with a secret mission, and one from my friend Gillian in England, who sent me a necklace from her trip to Italy. 

And then I made some Earl Grey tea and sat in a sunbeam.


DC Power said...

Glad you had a good day! Love you. From DoWP (Dad of West Procrastination)

The History Enthusiast said...

From just the chapter titles it looks like that author is using Guy Debord?