Friday, March 05, 2010

Posting while Blogger lets me

Has anyone else been having trouble with accessing Blogger blogs for the past few days? It's been off-and-on for me.

I've been continuing to move in slow motion for this week, as I slowly recover from this cold. But it has to be gone after today: my parents fly in tomorrow morning! I may be excited about this. Actually, it doesn't even feel real; it's been months since I last saw them, and years since they were last here.

We've planned for everything by now, thanks to my Dad's love of even planning his spontaneity (and the fact that he's been planning this trip for more than a year): visits with friends and a day trip to Comox Valley (with a detour along the scenic route on the way up) have been planned to the minute. We also know which days we'll leave open for touring around or resting (depending on what Dad needs). I know pretty much exactly when Dad's oxygen tank will be delivered, and have a pdf from their airline that tells me which seats they've booked.

It's one part excitement, one part this-is-Dad's-first-flight-since-his-trach, and one part Classic Dad and Mom. And Chris wonders why I need time to pack for trips, and end up packing for every possible weather we might encounter.

Edited to add: The oxygen guy arrived, and was amused by how well-organized the arrangements are. He referred to my house as "Command Central."

And edited again to add: While I was writing this post, my dad posted this on his blog, which proves my point quite nicely. (My father is adorable.) This visit will be conducted with military precision.

Over and out.

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C said...

Awesome! I hope your parents have a great trip!