Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today I got stuck in a rose bush

I can't believe how much I've done since I last posted.

First, Chris got sick. In true Chris fashion, he became spectacularly sick within the course of a couple of hours on Thursday, becoming the second sickest I've ever seen him, and then was nearly better by Friday evening. (The sickest I've seen him was when he hallucinated that his blankets were Russians revolutionaries who were trying to overthrow him.) I got to go guest lecture at his school on Friday while he stayed on the couch and watched Wrath of Khan.

Then, I did the two guest lectures on Friday and Monday. The kids were excited and so fun, and asked better questions than a lot of university students do. And when I brought up the slide with the most important words that we were going to recite together ("HITLER WAS NEVER ELECTED"), they (and Derek, their teacher) all shouted out the words that Chris taught them: "Hitler was elected in a free and democratic election!" As revenge, I told them to tell Chris that they don't believe in photosynthesis.

And THEN, Chris's brother (who I fondly call "Geoffy") has been here since Saturday morning and is leaving tomorrow. His visit has been simultaneously hilarious and exhausting, especially since he's here for such a short time and he's never been here before. I'm not used to doing more than one thing a day anymore, and we've been booking ourselves solid. (They were whale watching within a couple of hours of Geoff's arrival.) Today's probably been our most relaxed day (Geoff and I spent half the day watching the Olympics), and even today we went walking to Willow's Beach, a walk which resulted in us getting a wee bit lost because we thought we'd explore a bit, and then I got stuck in a rose bush in a park that was much larger than I thought it would be.

It's not a proper visit unless I get you completely lost somewhere within walking distance of my house. Apparently.


The Blog Fodder said...
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The Blog Fodder said...

So was he or wasn't he elected?
He was elected to something?
I believe in photosynthesis, just not in AGW.

Anonymous said...

Heh, I know all too well about the "getting lost walking somewhere" deal. It does seem to be a hallmark of visitors to your place, doesn't it?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Uncle Al: even though the Nazi Party became the largest single party in Reichstag, Hitler was never elected as President. Hindenburg beat him every time, but then appointed him, at a point where the Nazis had actually just lost 34 seats in Reichstag and Hitler was more concerned about his niece's suicide than anything else.

(I'm assuming you know that, but I thought I'd better put the whole explanation here, because there's a good chance that some kid will Google the phrase "Was Hitler elected?" and wind up here.)

Mark: Instead of wandering up and down the streets of Uplands, as I did with you guys, I thought "Hey! We'll just cut through this park and we won't get lost!" Famous last words. I always get lost in Uplands.