Thursday, February 11, 2010

Printers and Seals

Last night Chris ran by London Drugs and picked up the Canon printer that I'd picked out. It was neat reading all the different thoughts that you guys have on printers, because they reflect a lot of what I was wrestling through, in trying to decide on what we should get.

Our conclusion, in the end: stick with colour inkjet for now. If the only printing we were doing were black-and-white documents (which is most of what I do) we'd switch to laser, because monochromatic laser is much cheaper than colour inkjet. However, we need something a little more multipurpose than that, especially with Chris teaching grades 6-12 science. He doesn't do as much printing as I do, but he needs to be able to print in colour. (And we only have room for one printer.)

On the other hand, we're also going to get the cartridges refilled at least once before replacing them, and I'm following Gillian's advice and I'll keep emailing drafts to my supervisor, so that we don't have to deal with quite as much printing costs.

At the same time, we've been having fun playing around with the 4x6 photo paper that came with the printer (and the photo paper we have kicking around the house), and have been printing off a few wedding and family pictures to frame. They're turning out amazingly, even though the photo printing is just an (admittedly expensive) added bonus.


In other news: Huzzah! Hurrah! I took the afternoon off and hung out with Bronwyn today, since she's in town. We even went to the Oak Bay Marina, and their gigantic seals decided to all make an appearance for us today. They heard us tromping down the walkway and all came over to make eyes at us and do little tricks, in hopes that we brought them food. I apparently should never make plans to go see seals, because on those occasions I can never find any; today we just went on a whim while driving past, and they were all out and being cute.

Sometimes I go for weeks without going to the ocean, and then I forget that I even live on the West Coast. And sometimes I get to see mountains and seals and driftwood, and it feels like I'm on vacation. Four and a half years living in the city, and I still feel like I'm on vacation if I leave the house. (Especially if I go somewhere that isn't just the university or church.)

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The Blog Fodder said...

Back in the days when politicians traveled by train instead of airplane, a little boy was so excited because the President was coming to town and he wanted to see the Presidential Seal. You can make up the rest of the story yourself, needless to say.