Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I brought you flowers and chocolate

The weather's finally cleared up around here, and on Sunday I was itching to spend the day outside. Chris and I decided to walk around my university's flower garden, because I figured that its World-Famous Rhododendrons (seriously: we get tour buses) would be in bloom. We brought along the camera, and I was happy with the results:

Okay, I also brought you Christopher's eyebrows for Valentine's Day, but that didn't fit in the title.

I uploaded the whole photo set to Flickr, which you can check out here. Which you might enjoy, if your house is currently buried in snow. Or that might make you decidedly not enjoy a bunch of pictures of flowers.


In other (but related) news, I also used Valentine's Day as an excuse for my annual Try Out Some Kind Of New Recipe Or Cooking Technique. Last year was risotto, and this year it was little molten cakes! I took the flourless individual molten chocolate cake recipe from the Joy of Cooking and added the spices from Garrett McCord's Chipotle Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe on Simply Recipes.

And wow: individual molten chipotle chocolate cakes? I highly recommend. I'm going to try other variations on the molten chocolate cake on a regular basis now.


jo(e) said...

As I was admiring the photos, I suddenly remembered that I've been to those gardens! And that made me even more jealous. What a beautiful spot.

Nice eyebrows, too.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh! I just remembered that I was going to post the picture of the Inter-Faith Chapel, so that you could get your bearings as to where this was. I put it on the Flickr set.