Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Emerging from the haze

I'm finally coming out of the haze from Sunday's Worst Migraine of My Life, which continued into Monday's Pounding Headache and Maybe Do I Have An Ear Infection? (Conclusion: no. It was just a headache. Apparently triggered by the weather, my allergies and a need to go to the chiropractor. All of those have now been remedied, thankfully). A few happy things have been helping make it all better:
  • Bronwyn is in town and came over to visit us last night! Chris even got to show off his robot.
  • I made pulled pork for supper, and the recipe I tried this time worked fantastically.* (Cooking successes always cheer me up.) And it was cheap, because pork's a reasonable price (thanks to people mistakenly thinking that eating pork causes Swine Flu). I'm still dreaming about those sandwiches. I'm going to do that again soon.
  • I got a phone call this morning from my friend's hilarious four year old. Celeste particularly wanted to talk with me about her wish to have macaroni for lunch (and informed me that it is "tasty" with ham and peas). We also discussed how I am, in fact, not trapped inside the phone, but am at my house that is far away from her. Preschoolers are crazy.
  • I'm well enough to go to my yoga class this afternoon, which also means that I'll be leaving the house soon.
* I promised a few people that I'd share the pulled pork recipe. I took it from The Joy of Cooking, but it's in my own words and with the adaptations that I did:
Take a pork shoulder/butt roast and cover it with a dry rub (mine used 1/4 c each of brown sugar and chili powder, a whole bunch of paprika, a few tablespoons of cumin, about a tablespoon each of chipotle pepper and red pepper flakes, and then a bunch of salt and pepper) and wrap it all up in a couple of sheets of foil. Refrigerate it for anywhere between one and 24 hours (I did it for an hour and a half).

Take a dutch oven (or other pot that can go from stove to oven and can be covered by either a lid or heavy foil) and brown the roast in a tablespoon of oil. Cover with the lid or foil and put it in the oven at 325F for 3-3 1/2 hours. (This is for a 4lb roast. Mine was only 2lb, and I pulled it a little before 3 hours.) Shred the pork with forks, mixing it with the pan juices, and add barbecue sauce. (I made my own barbecue sauce starting from long strips of sauteed onions, and using a decent amount of vinegar, but I don't even know if I could accurately recount everything I put in the sauce.)

Serve on kaiser buns.


C said...

I too feel your pain, literally. i have also had a migraine since friday, or maybe this is a second one? except i cannot take the time to just recover since i have so much to do. glad you are feeling better! and that pulled pork sounds super yummy!

Anonymous said...

UGH! I had an earinfection and migraine last week. My Dr. gave me a shot of morphine for the pain, so then I was loop the rest of the day, when it wore off the damn migraine was still there.

Your pulled pork sounds so good.

LynnieC said...

haha. Butt roast.