Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bright Spots

1. My beloved KitchenAid has returned to its rightful place on my kitchen counter.

2. And the repair wasn't too expensive! Huzzah.

3. And then Chris made chocolate chip cookies. (Okay, they're supposed to be rewards for his students, but I'm stealing some of them. He clearly made too many.)

4. And Ky took me to get my mixer from the repair guy, and then we were nonsensical for part of the afternoon. I like nonsense.

5. And then, when Ky stayed to work on homework at my house, our friend Kara phoned from Manitoba and we talked to her on speaker phone, and she used her speaker phone so we could talk to her baby Josh! It felt like old times being silly together, except for the whole We're Grown Ups and Kara Has a Baby thing.

6. Chris did enough prep at school that he was able to take the evening off. It's nice being past that whole stressful phase of finals, marking, and the beginning of the semester.

1 comment:

Teacher Lady said...

Reads like you called Joshua a baby thing.