Monday, January 04, 2010

Ten Years of Pictures of Your Queen

I started working on this post on New Year's Eve. I thought that a nice way to end off 2009 would be to put together a collection of ten photos from the past decade, representing each year of my twenties (an entire decade in which I was a university student, as Christina pointed out today).

Of course, in the true style of the Nation of Procrasti (West), it has taken me most of the week to finish this post, mostly because I had to track down and scan photos and that felt distinctly like work.

Think of this as taking Obsessive Hair-Blogging to a new level:

2000: Second to third years of university. I broke up with a boyfriend, got my first job, bought new shoes, and discovered a love of karaoke.

2001: Started my honours program, made a bunch of new friends through IVCF (including a young man named Christopher), quit my first job, and experimented with red highlights in my hair. If I'd had a blog in 2001, I would have posted it with the tag "Obsessive Hair-Blogging."

2002: Started dating Chris, all-but-finished my degree, and decided to do my MA with Dr. B. Also, I saw fit to wear pale pink from neck to toe, to Chris's sister's grad, and procrastinated from cutting my hair while I was busy with my honours paper. Typical.

2003: The year I went to Paris. Also, I went to Berlin and decided to study it forever and ever. Also, I started my MA. And moved out with Meg.

2004: Got engaged, helped Chris move away to start his first teaching job, and finally retired the Glasses That Look Like Squashed Stop Signs.

Nathan and Chris high-five2005: Started this blog, finished my MA, got married, and moved across the country to start my PhD. And I dyed my hair red.Align Center

2006: Finished coursework, and cut my hair really short just in time for Meg and Karl's wedding. Also, I briefly took to wearing pastel-coloured clothes from Old Navy.

Dad and me, hanging out on the endless chairs in Fellowship Hall
2007: [I apologize for the tone change in this year.] This one is tied (with 2005) for Hardest Year of My Life. But it picked up mid-way through the year, when Chris got a teaching job and we finally started making enough to live on, and so it wasn't all bad. I really like this picture of Dad and me, in a quiet moment on the weekend of Grandma's funeral (and Dad's second bout in the hospital, and then my apartment flooded on Monday). [And now we return to our regularly-scheduled Obsessive Hair-Blogging.]

2008: Much better than 2007. I finished comps and even convinced Ky, Ariann and Derek to move out here. I admitted defeat and got all the hair dye cut out of my hair.

And now here I am at the end of 2009: a third pair of glasses, longer hair (because I'm lazy about getting it cut), and dissertating like crazy so that I can finish being a student already.


The Wisper said...

I took the 2005 photo!

Anonymous said...

What a decade!
I adore the picture of you and Chris with you in head to toe pink. It's so precious, and you guys look like babies!!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Chris doesn't like the picture because he's now embarrassed of the hair he had back then. He's so precious.

RTAs said...

Every time I hear "These Boots are Made for Walking", I reminisce about that crazy Calgary trip. A whole lot of other memories from that trip that are not fit for G-blogging also spring to mind. Can't believe that was 10 years ago already!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Trust Ang to make that weekend sound like it was full of debauchery! (BUT you didn't mention the U-turn on the busy corner!)

Anonymous said...

That U-turn was one of the non G-rated moments. I seem to recall letting a few four-letter words fly outta my mouth when we did it.

Also, I love how you seem to shift to instant grown-up by the Paris picture, whereas before you still looked a bit like a kid.

May-B said...

That was a great idea! You are adorable.

Anonymous said...

i was just about to say that you are adorable. I see someone beat me to it!