Sunday, January 24, 2010

Small cooking update

There is a pork shoulder marinating in my refrigerator, and I am unreasonably excited about tomorrow's pulled pork sandwiches. Somewhere in Alberta, Lynnie is jealous.

Also, I watch a little too much of the Food Network: I find myself narrating while I'm cooking.

Also also, I'm going to have to phone KitchenAid, because our mixer is making strange clicking noises, and we're scared that metal parts are grinding against each other. This saddens me. (The thought of how much it will cost to ship it to them to be fixed also saddens me. I wish I could find a small appliance repair shop in town.)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Maryanne,

Wouldn't Sears look at the food processer there? Or send it back free? The Sears catalog stores here are great. They would usually just exchange a defective item. Or at least they used to but I haven't ordered anything for awhile.

Hope you have a good day anyway.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Hey Marnie,

It's not the food processor, but instead it's the KitchenAid mixer we got over two years ago. The problem I'm having is, because its warranty is expired, I'm wondering whether I can find someone to repair it in town so I don't have to pay to have such a large thing shipped.

crazybarefeet said...

My kitchen aid made those clicking noises. I took it to a local place for fixing. A repair I had to pay for. Didn't want to add shipping costs to it! Oddly enough it was the just over one year old mixer that did it. The one from the fifties that I bought used is still fine. Not a single problem in the fifteen or so years I've had it.

LynnieC said...

PULLED PORK!! I AM so jealous.

Anastasia said...

oh, I totally narrate my cooking! even better now that I have an audience of fascinated viewers. That's what children are for, right? :P

Queen of West Procrastination said...

crazybarefeet: After I read your comment, I went and phoned a local repair place to have mine fixed, and didn't bother even checking with KitchenAid.

Lynnie: I am going to continue working and perfecting my pulled pork recipe, and I promise you that I will make it for you, whenever we are next in the same city. Unless we're at Camp. That might be awkward getting access to the kitchen to do that.

Anastasia: Apparently, around here, that's what Chris and house guests are for. Sometimes cooking show clich├ęs start cropping up in my food writing, however. (I originally wrote the phrase "a splash of balsamic vinegar" in the previous post.)