Friday, October 30, 2009

It turns out

...that while having an open mic at a wedding is a bad idea, it can be a really good thing at a funeral. It all started off when one of Alec's sons did the eulogy and said he looked forward to everyone's stories, because his father moved all the way out here and they didn't see him very often after that. Most of the program was for people to volunteer stories, and they did that: funny, sweet and sad. No one glossed over the fact that Alec was a quirky, strange man. There were tears, but there was also a lot of laughter and nods of recognition. The service late, but it didn't feel long.

We invited some of the younger types to come to our house for pizza and games. As we pulled up to our house, we realised that there was a big crowd at the end of our street. Then we saw a motorcade start to go by on the street that meets up with ours. Chris, my friend Rebecca and I got out of our cars just in time to see the runner with the Olympic Torch go by.*

What a good day. Alec would have been pleased, although troubled by how much everyone was talking about him.

* For all of my studying of the map, I had no idea it was going to be a block from our house.

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prairie nymph said...

last funeral i was at, my dad got everyone to email stories about our great-aunt, and then read them as the eulogy. lots of funny, some touching. its a good way to go.
that didn't come out like i meant it.