Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm sitting next to Ky right now, just a little over from Vicki the Wonder Puppy, having finished a fully day of transcribing German and now sitting in a patch of sunshine. It's funny what a difference a sunny day makes. Yesterday morning was cloudy. I had a meeting with one of the counselors from Counseling Services, learning about the "Yoga for Depressed People" (as I call it) class that they're offering (free yoga class!). Since it was a cloudy day, and I hadn't used my SAD lamp that day, I really sold the part of "I belong in this class." I was a super dopey, I forgot the word "insomnia," and I was borderline-weepy the whole time. I took the BDI test and scored a low "medium depressed" (21 out of a possible 63). And it's funny to think of that today, because today is sunny. Today I'm all "What? More tired than usual? I'm so energetic I could run around the block!"

And that's why it's a good thing that I'm taking a class that forces me leave the house, and forces me to be physically active, in the autumn, when the days start getting darker again.

In other news, I am a klutz. I was sitting in the microforms room in the library basement, and was worrying that my squeaky chair might be bothering the other people studying. And so I got up to switch my chairs, hitting my head on the metal microfilm reader. The "KOOONGGGG!" noise of my head against the metal was about a hundred times louder than any squeaking chair.

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