Monday, June 08, 2009

Breakfast with jo(e)

All the bloggers (and the rest of the conference-goers) have either left town or are in the process of leaving town right now. jo(e) and I made plans to go out for breakfast just before she left, after which I would take her to her ferry. The plans were nice and simple: Fisherman's Wharf to (hopefully) see the seals and the cool old boats and houseboats, and then breakfast at one of the quirkiest breakfast places downtown. I figured that, this way, she'd get a chance to see some of the other charming parts of the city that you wouldn't see at the university, and there would be lots of places to photograph.

It went really nicely. I always love going to Fisherman's Wharf with good photographers, because they always see everything that I miss. jo(e) was no exception: she explored parts of the marina where I'd never been before, and she had so many questions about the old boats. It was particularly fun showing her the houseboats: after seeing the eccentric older ladies getting leaving a houseboat with their small dogs, she started scheming that maybe becoming an eccentric woman in a houseboat was the best retirement plan.

So, I had a good morning. It's nice going for breakfast with someone where the waiter keeps having to come back because we've been talking so much that we've forgotten to look at the menu.

I said I should get a shot of the back of jo(e)'s head for my blog, and she said "I'll stand here like I'm taking a picture... oh, wait this is a really good angle to get a shot!" And so it went from "jo(e) poses like she's taking a picture" to "jo(e) really takes a picture."


jo(e) said...

Thanks for such a great morning! It was so wonderful to see the harbor in the morning sun -- and have a chance to talk.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I'm so glad that we had the chance to do that. And it was really nice to see Fisherman's Wharf without all the people who are usually there.