Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trying to stay calm

At 1:30 this afternoon, I will sit down with a member of the German department and he will fill out a German language proficiency evaluation for me. We'll sit down for half an hour and he'll evaluate my level of German proficiency; that will help determine whether I win this much-needed travel funding.

I've been cramming for this for months, and all I'm hoping is that he won't check any of the boxes on the form that say "Has extreme difficulty [understanding simple sentences/writing a simple sentence/making any sense speaking German/reading simple sentences]." If I can get to the level above that, I'll feel pretty good. (I know that one year of Rosetta stone, a few months getting tutoring, and a single German reading course do not make you fluent. I just want some of my effort to be reflected on this form, and I'm worried that my level of German skills will keep me from getting funding.)

So, could you think of me at about 1:30 this afternoon? I'm just trying to stay calm so that I can do the best I can. (And then after this, my life will be much easier for a while. This application has taken over my life!)

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C said...

you will do fine! i am thinkign of you! and spellign things wrong apparently