Friday, April 10, 2009

GiST Day 68: I Forgot Tomorrow's a Holiday Edition

1. Would you believe that I spent most of the day forgetting that tomorrow is a holiday? I can't believe I did that.

2. I love when Chris uses a trip to the cheese shop to tempt me to go for a walk on a nice day. Everybody wins! And we got pasta that was colourful and shaped like flowers.

3. I turned on the TV and it was just time for Turk doing the air band dance to "Poison" on Scrubs. That never grows old for me; it's magic every time.

4. Do you know who's my Library School hero? That would be Lynniec, who just finished a million assignments today and is now finished her first year! Huzzah!

5. Three (of many) reasons why I love Christopher: 1.) He humours my crazy whims (that's an important part of being married to me); 2.) a couple of weeks ago when How I Met Your Mother made a Teen Wolf joke, he laughed so hard that he collapsed on the floor, clutching dishes (which he'd been washing) to his stomach; 3.) thanks to all the chalk-board-writing that he does every day, he now has one arm (the right one) with Popeye-sized muscles while the left arm's all normal-sized. And it cracks him up endlessly, ever since we discovered this.


The History Enthusiast said...

I absolutely love that air-banding scene! Awesome!

Ky said...

I can understand how you forgot today wasa holiday. "Every day's a holiday with Mary..."

LynnieC said...

Hurray! Half a librarian!!!

PS. I love Turk.