Saturday, April 04, 2009

GiST Day 62: Vancouver Edition

1. Vancouver huzzah!

2. We had the loveliest ferry ride. Chris and I decided to have supper at the sit-down buffet restaurant on the ferry, and then (since it wasn't busy) stay there for the entire sailing. I didn't have to deal with crowds, got unlimited cups of tea, and ate wonderful desserts, while surrounded by an ocean view. Good idea of the day.

3. Chris and I were trying to figure out why the ferry was making such sharp turns today, and the girl at the next table over got all excited because she's studying boating safety right now, and explained to us what the ferry was doing. (It had to do with the shallowness of the passage we were going through, and the specific current, and the ferry we were passing.) And then we all talked for the rest of the time.

4. The wee Andrew boy is pleasant. He's even more fun than puppies.

5. Tomorrow morning: the Aquarium! I haven't been there since I was 8 years old and they were filming Danger Bay.


LynnieC said...

Babies cuter than puppies???

I think not.

C said...

i LOVE the buffet! that is the only way to ferry, amazing unlimited food and a nice quiet spot to sit for the entire ferry ride. plus no one looks at you funny when you go back twenty times for the really yummy curried shrimp, mmmmm. the last time i was on they kept announcing problems with the tvs and we smug buffeters just laughed at the silliness of tv watching when we had window seats and unlimited desserts.

C said...

ps, say hi to the perssons for me!