Wednesday, March 11, 2009

GiST Day 50

1. That sweet husband of mine brought home a case of assorted organic citrus fruit, which his school was selling as a fundraiser. Oranges, grapefruits, tangelos, pomelos, blood oranges, sweet limes... mine! All mine! (And he's going to pick up some more tomorrow, to make sure we have enough for when his parents arrive on Saturday.)

2. I'm going to be involved in another wedding! My dear Andrea and Lee are getting married in a little more than a year, and I'm going to be a witness. Andi's been calling me her "anti-maid-of-honour" (not that I'll be the opposite of a maid of honour; rather, I'll do a bunch of the stuff the MOH does, but won't have to buy an expensive dress or walk down the aisle).

3. Hey, have I mentioned that my little brother is a homeowner now? They got possession of their brand new (built for them) house last week. I must been a grown-up if my kid brother's old enough to own a house.

4. I'm nearly done some writing to hand in to my supervisor.

5. No chainsaws today. I suspect that they're actually done, since I noticed that the trees have been trimmed down now. I think they took down about four trees, but there are still many more left. I have more light, but I still have my trees.


C said...

did he bring you any cara cara oranges? i miss those so much. best oranges ever. and i likely have the name wrong, but it was something close to that. my house went crazy on them last year! and congrats on amoh!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

We do indeed have Cara Cara navel oranges! So good.