Monday, February 23, 2009

GiST Day 34: So I Missed a Few Days Edition

First some GiST and then some updates.

1. Christopher made a blanket fort around the couch. And now we're both working on the couch while hiding in the fort.

2. Today I just let my hair air-dry and didn't style it, to see what the haircut really looks like. (Okay, I was also tired and lazy.) And it still looks serviceable! Hurrah for a just plain good haircut that doesn't need a lot of work to look nice!

3. I did pretty well on my Oscar predictions. (Except for those places where I went with Nate Silver over logic.)

4. Chuck on TV always makes for a good day. (Chris's version of this entry involved the words "It warmed my heart." Because he's a hopeless romantic and swoons about TV character relationships.)

5. I'm glad that my wee Celeste kiddo is getting better. She still has a few more days left in the hospital, but it's more for "needs a few days on IV antibiotics" reasons rather than "they don't know what's wrong with her and they're making her stay in her room because they fear she's contagious" reasons. Small victories.

Updates: Please keep praying for Glenn. Things went really bad yesterday, and they ended up having to take out part of his skull to take pressure off of his brain. And then when the surgeon was doing that operation, he discovered that Glenn's left side of his frontal lobe is a lot worse than they thought, and the doctor doesn't think it'll get better. And they think he might have had a stroke this week. So, Mark and Terra and their family are having a rough time.

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