Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Legless Wonder Once Again

So, I'm going through the "build-up" phase of my new batch of allergy shot serum. This is always an adventure, because until you reach the "maintenance dose," you're getting too little of your allergy shot, and instead of it making you feel better, it makes you feel terrible. You get the symptoms of that particular allergy rather than relief from it. So, last week, while I was getting the build-up shots for my the dust and mold allergies, I got hives and a scratchy throat. But now I'm getting the build-up shots for my food allergies. This is always the weird time, because my reaction is never what you'd expect from food allergies: my joints get so swollen that it gets hard to use my legs.

Yep, I'm a legless wonder again.

So, because words aren't forming very coherently in my head right now (tiredness is the other symptom; also, it is nearly my bedtime), I'll structure the rest of this post in my old blog format. Question time!

Time: 10:54pm

I am wearing: grey cardigan, bright blue t-shirt, charcoal dress pants, rubber-soled slippers.

Tea: Library Tea from Murchies.

I am procrastinating from: cleaning this messy house, and going to bed.

I am most pleased about: how today I managed to find excuses in four straight seminars to sing part of "Mack the Knife." In the third seminar, several of my students sang with me. (Excuse: a student said "The book keeps talking about this song like everyone knows it. What is 'Mack the Knife?'")

I love: Being in a field where you spend your day teaching students about Peter Lorre, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and "Mack the Knife."

Speaking of teaching: Maybe I'm so tired because I taught the same seminar four times in a row today. It's a strange and draining experience, having the same conversation over and over.

Oddest moment of my evening: I had to explain to my nerdier-than-me husband what "pwned" means.

Most pleasant thing I can think of at the moment: bumblebees. Is there a better word to say? Bumblebees. Why are theoretical bees so pleasant? (Not that I enjoy being around actual bees.)

Having read the above few lines: I see some clear evidence that I ought to go to sleep now.


Teacher Lady said...

What kind is Library tea?

C said...

ok, better than bumblebee, is the bumblebee tuna song, ska style!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Sister: Murchies Library Tea. (Scroll down a little.) It's a green and black blend.

C: Very cute.

LynnieC said...

Dr Caligari still scares the CRAP out of me. I have a collection of German Expressionist films that I've been too scared to watch since I bought it 5 years ago. Some day. Some day.

Anonymous said...

is "pwned" spelled correctly?


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Arlen: yes, yes it is.