Wednesday, October 15, 2008

For Bronwyn

"New ID rules cause confusion at the polls" (CBC).

Bronwyn and I were Twittering back and forth this morning about how much we suspect the new voter ID rules affected the (relatively speaking, but record-setting) low voter turnout this year. The comments on CBC's website are sometimes really obnoxious, but this time some of them are really informative: there are accounts of people being turned away at polling stations, and reflections on how the new "prove your address" rules negatively affected students and the very poor.

(Mostly I just feel ill, hearing about how 2/3 of Dalhousie's students got turned away at the polls.)


May-B said...

I knew it!!!!!! Most the people I talked to at work couldn't vote because they had no ID other than a health card. I was told to go to the wrong polling station and then was lucky I had my ID, but they gave me a hard time about not having the voting form they mailed out to me. Ridiculous!!!

The Blog Fodder said...

Check out what is happening in Republican States. They are toughening voter registration rules "to prevent illegal aliens" from registering. What it mostly always prevents is legal Democrat voting people from registering.