Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drug addicts judge my taste in music

So, our car got kind of broken into on Tuesday night. I say "kind of" because nothing got smashed or anything; one of the doors was left unlocked overnight and someone opened that door, unlocked all the other doors, and took the change out of our ashtray.

The only other thing to be taken were the packets of this crazy chemical that makes your campfire change colours; it was stolen from the glove compartment, put there and then forgotten several camping trips ago. (When your husband's a chemistry teacher, this is the sort of stuff you transport in your car.) Chris thinks that the thief probably thought that s/he had found drugs, and speculates that they're in for a colourful surprise when they try to light up these chemicals.

So, they took our campfire chemicals but left our CDs untouched! They apparently took one look at our motely collection of Christian music, Classic Queen and Joanie Mitchell's Hits and decided that it wasn't worth it.


C said...

ha ha ha! my dad is so excited about the campfire chemicals! he thinks thats "just so neat" he would love to meet chris. i am not sure if he was more happy about the effects on the criminals if they light up, or the fact that you guys had the chemicals in the first place. probably both!

lifexhistory said...

I would have stolen your Joanie Mitchell and Queen cds. :)