Sunday, September 28, 2008

Odds and Ends

Sorry that it's been so long since I've updated, guys! My brain's been eaten up with my dissertation's historiography, which has to be in by Wednesday. All of my thoughts are in small and scattered form and so you get a bulleted list:
  • I think I actually like my research again. That's a good thing, you know.
  • Do you know what makes me happier than happy? The Montreal/Calgary auditions episode of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. You Americans should be jealous. SYTYCD is sustaining me through this autumn.
  • I also have become obsessed with goat cheese, particularly with chèvre. It makes me endlessly happy to eat little pinches of crumbly goat cheese off of the block. It's such an obsession that, when the over-saltiness of the frozen chicken breasts ruined my stuffed chicken breasts, I actually wrote a letter to Westfair Foods to complain. (In my defence, we'd been buying these same chicken breasts for years, and in the past month or so the chicken we've bought has been inedibly salty. Uh, gross. And when it makes me waste goat cheese...) Wow. That was a lot of writing about cheese right there.
  • I got to see my great-aunt and great-uncle today; they're from the same farming community as my grandparents, and so having them here was a nice little bit of home today.
  • On a less joyful note, if I see another attack ad for the Canadian election, I'm going to throw a shoe through the TV. What country have we become?


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Oh dear, you ought to come a bit south and see the attack ads...I can hardly bear to watch anything on live TV.

Teacher Lady said...

We get cable channels from the US so we see the attack ads. Total bully move to tear others down to make yourself seem better. I loved SNLs fake Obama attack ads a couple weeks ago.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

ifp: Oh, I see those ads. I get American TV, and I see some of the worse ones that have been YouTubed. It's just that things used to be different here. Now, with the attack ads and with the conservative government making policies based on far-right ideology? What country is this?

markdynna said...

You're acting like attack ads are new to a Canadian election. Unfortunately, I think they work far too well on the less informed voters, so we're bound to see them continue.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Mark: they certainly aren't new, but I don't remember them being so prevalent as in this election, nor so accepted. For goodness sake, Kim Campbell's sloppy attack ads against Jean Chretien backfired and helped to boost Chretien's support, back in 1993!

C said...

you know things are bad when the cbc announces the paid election adds like they are really pissed off. you could tell the announcer on the radio this morning was really mad about the whole thing but couldn't give her opinion on air, but she made it clear that they HAD to air the adds