Friday, September 05, 2008

Lesson of the week

If I'm trying out a recipe that's vastly different from anything I've ever tried before (such as, say, a banana cream pie from scratch, using a crumb crust, when I've never made pudding from scratch before), I should save those experiments for just Chris and me and not for when I'm trying to make something impressive for Chris's co-workers and students (such as for the school's kick-off barbecue tonight). Because when the filling never sets, and dissolves the crumb crust, and ends up looking like watery vomit with floating bananas (...sorry Dad), I end up having a meltdown.

At least I made that attempt at pie-filling-from-scratch last night, and so I still had today to make a dessert. I ended up swallowing my pride and making another banana cream pie, but this time I used pudding from a box, because I don't have the egg yolks, the time, or the sanity to figure this out today.

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Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

It's ok -- I'm JELLO impaired.. I can't make it work, it usually ends up to be more like Kool-Aid.