Thursday, July 24, 2008

My brain is on vacation

Can you tell? I don't know when I last had a substantial thought. (It's kind of glorious.)

And so, in lieu of substantial thoughts, I present more highlights:

  • From the Annals of "Maryanne's sometimes a dough-head": I spent weeks e-mailing back and forth with the tech support people at Rosetta Stone because the program kept crashing on me and the error message seemed to indicate that the problem with my virus scanner not working with Adobe Flash. And yesterday we had the solution, just after the tech support person asked me to run a test and tell her my upload and download speeds and in my response I mentioned that I made sure I got into a good patch of wireless first. Uh, the problem was the wireless signal being too low and making the powerful program time out. I just had to plug the computer into the wall. This was the result of weeks' worth of fancy tech support: that I didn't notice the most obvious solution. (Sigh) But at least I'm back to full-time Germaning.
  • I think I've finally recovered from all the driving we've been doing lately. I've stayed in place for several days and have hung out with my parents. Today I'm spending the afternoon with the Wee Girlie and family.
  • Earlier this week I hit that moment of the vacation where I have a meltdown about how busy I've been and how I feel guilty about not being able to spend enough time with people. It happens about mid-way through every vacation to Saskatchewan. You could set your watch by me.
  • Next week I'm going out for supper with a couple of friends from my grade in elementary school. The idea for this supper came out of everyone seeing each other at the high school reunion. And so now three of us are going out for supper and I've dubbed it "reunion of everyone who wasn't a jerk to me in grade 8". (To be fair, if I really had such a reunion you'd have to add two or three more people.)
  • I won't mention the fact that my husband just asked me to play the Les Misérables soundtrack loudly. (I started singing "Red and Black" and he freaked out about how much he loves that song.)

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