Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stuff and Nonsense

  • My brain's been all full of summer plans lately.
  • This somehow feels wrong, even though we have less than two weeks until we leave for vacation, because the weather has been so wimpy that it doesn't feel like summer is coming.
  • I kicked off my summer planning by booking a camp site for Chris, me, Meg, Karl, and baby Andrew, for our first night on the road. (We're only planning about 6-8 hours of driving per day, to make sure that we don't overdo the driving with the 5 month old baby.)
  • I'm really excited about our camp site. It's a KOA, and it has wireless internet. At a camp site. Also: a swimming pool and mini golf.
  • My other summer planning involves looking for apartments for some dear friends who are moving to this city in August. (Okay, just Ky of Amandolyn and Ky is moving out here.)
  • Did I mention that Saskatchewanians are taking this city by force in August? It's going to be off the hook. There will be so many people from home here.
  • Ky's flying out on Tuesday, so that we can find her an apartment. The only problem is that she sprained her ankle yesterday and now she's on crutches. Our original plan for this next week, aside from when we were looking at apartments, was going to involve a lot of walking and running. Now, we're going to watch movies.
  • Also, the city is standing at a 0.3% vacancy rate. Good thing I'm looking for two apartments right now.
  • In other news, have I mentioned that I'm going to miss my 10 year high school reunion? I just realised that I'd better e-mail the committee my regrets, since I had originally been all gung ho for helping them plan it. And then it turned out that my cousin is getting married up north that day. Cousin Angela trumps high school reunion any day.
  • This will be the third Teen Girl Squad wedding. Ang is marrying a farmer who lives across the road from our grandparents. This will make it easy to go visit her.
  • From now on, you all must make your life plans around my personal comfort while traveling. You've been forewarned.
  • Yesterday we had a barbecue at Chris's school. They held a draw and I used Brandy's method of scrunching up the paper instead of folding it when you put it into the jar. I won a school t-shirt. Part of me felt a little guilty.
  • Did I mention that summer vacation starts really soon? And that I don't have to spend the summer stressing about comps reading? I'm free! I'm spending the summer doing an hour of German a day, and figuring out dissertation details. It's like a happy dream.

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