Monday, June 02, 2008

Since the rumour's been going around already

Yesterday, I got two phone calls that included the phrase, "So, a little birdie tells me you've been running!"

(My first thought was that more people are reading my Twitter than I thought, but that wasn't how these two heard: they're both in Saskatoon, and in both cases "little birdie" = Ky.)

Well, it's true. Last week, I went running four times. And three of those runs happened at 6:30 in the morning. I even bought new runners last week!

I hardly recognise myself at this point.

I'd been thinking about taking up running for a while. I really missed how good it felt, back when I'd go running on the treadmill when Shannon used to make me go to the gym. I hadn't managed to run since I'd injured my hip five years ago. Even with help from the chiropractor, ever since the injury, any time I tried to run, I'd end up hurting my hip. However, I just got orthotics and my chiropractor was really insistent that this meant that I could run all I wanted now. He was also really insistent that I should start running -- my muscles really atrophied while I sat and read books for a whole year.

Actually, what finally got me out running was the fact that I was having a lot of trouble getting up and getting going in the morning. Since I've finished my exams, it's gotten a little too easy to spend most of the day in my pyjamas. I'll procrastinate from getting showered and dressed, which then means that I won't end up doing anything with my day at all (other than play on the computer, watch TV and talk on the phone) until Chris gets home. That's fun for a few days, but it gets depressing in a hurry. And so one day I asked Chris if he would wake me up when he got up to go running. Of course, at 6:00 the next morning I was sure that I was a big old crazy person for ever suggesting I do this, but I did it and it felt fantastic. (Okay, it felt fantastic when it was over, but my lungs also went on riot, because apparently my cardiovascular system isn't used to exertion anymore?) And it helped me get out of my funk: since I was showered and dressed by the time Chris had left for work, I had no excuse to sit around the house all day. (And it was a good thing that this happened when it did, because it turns out that I'll be spending much of June TAing a course that begins at 8:30am.)

So, I'm running for the sake of my mental health. But it sure helps my physical health too.


Julia H. said...

That is so awesome. Good for you! I need to get the motivation to do the same.

ncsteph said...

it's probably pretty bad that blog titles including the word "rumours" automatically flash warning lights about pregnancy, eh??? I think it's the recent flood of engagement announcements; I'm preparing myself for anything! And if you were to be pregnant, I'd be thrilled for you... just so you know. :)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

*Sigh* So I have to add to the list of words I'm not allowed to use anymore, now that I've been married for three years? First it was "news". I'm no longer allowed to say the phrase "I have news!" because everyone gets all disappointed when I give the actual news. (Even when it's such news as "Chris has a teaching job!")

Ky said...

Ha! Steph, I totally thought the same thing at first, until I realized that I was the rumour monger, and running was the rumour.

Maryanne, you and Shannon are inspiring me. I'm going to see about starting running, too.

Kate said...

Chalk me up as another person who immediately thought you were knocked up. :)

So glad you're running again!!! I'm set to try to push myself all the way back up to my beloved 10K loop 'round the river as soon as I buy another knee brace. Hope your hip stays happy.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

*Grumble grumble grumble*

Running! This was a post about running!

Big C said...

Hey, I certainly didn't think it was anything to do with the aforementioned. Mostly I just thought a bunch of humourous things that rumour could be:

1. Foxy Boxing.
2. Insane.
3. Allergic to something crazy, like tables.
4. or perhaps ears.
5. Becoming a backup dancer for Timberlake.
6. Joining the circus.
7. Learning to play the nose flute.
8. Nudist.
and so on.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Big c: How do you know that I don't already play the nose flute?

Big C said...

9. Rap artist.
10. Career criminal.
11. Changing your dissertation to "The Search for Nazi Gold."
12. or "Where's Prussian Waldo?"
13. Spearheading a "Nuke the whales" campaign.

Teacher Lady said...

Mary does the best boy band dancing impression, I kid you not. Several years ago there was a commercial for a video on how to dance like you are in a boy band (not to be confused with "How to Dance Like a White Guy" ) so it was really more her impression of that

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Big c: I'm this close to printing off this list. It's sheer gold.

Janny: I really am the best boy band dancer out there.

Big C said...

14. Breeding Chinchillas.
15. Competed in "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?"
16. and won.
17. Grow-op
18. Joined an extreme right-wing militia (they call you Bazooka M).
19. Dressing Chris like Bill or Ted or both.
20. and insisting he talk like them.
21. Became addicted to Buckley's.
22. Everyday is suspenders day.
23. Favourite creature is the heptipedal biprobiscus spasmoid.

Matt said...

Don't worry, Maryanne. Pregnancy never even crossed my mind. I was just excited about you starting to run again.

I also had no clue what Twitter is. It seems to be another blog...which seems rather redundant. I have difficulty enough keeping my blog up to date (meaning posting every few months) though. In some ways we are very different people. :P

Keep it up though, hopefully I can come out and visit the crazy Victorian people before long, and we can go for a run!

-Uncle Traveling Matt

prairie nymph said...

I confess, when I heard rumour, I thought of Ky! And have you noticed that Ky tends to pass on the best rumours? Ones that are usually true, and almost always saying good things about people. Or at least things that make you laugh at her, and not the person in question. Ky should write a how-to book on good rumour sharing.