Monday, June 09, 2008

I'm not as saintly as I've been implying

The last two posts have made it seem a little too much like I've been behaving myself. Of course, I know you aren't deceived.

The counter-balance that, I'll tell you a little story:

This week, I get the car to myself. Chris's school is trying out a school bus for the kids (and one teacher) who live in the city and not out in Langford (the suburb where the school is). According to this new scheme, they'll use a bus that belongs to a private school in the city; this other school already sends its bus out to the suburbs to pick up some of its students. According to this new plan, their bus will pick up our kids (plus Chris) in the city, drive them out to Langford and drop them off at our school while the bus is also picking up the other school's suburban kids and bringing them back into the city. This way, that bus isn't empty while it's driving in and out of the suburbs, and our school's parents aren't spending half their days on the highways.

At our school's last general meeting, we got all fired up about the cost savings and environmental benefits of this plan. Huzzah! We're saving on gas! Huzzah! Chris (and all those parents) won't be driving an hour (or two) a day!

So, we're test-driving this scheme for a week, to see if it'll work as a permanent arrangement starting in September. And the only problem is that, the moment I dropped Chris off at the bus this morning, my next thought was, "Hey! I have the car to myself for a whole week! I won't have to walk to the bank anymore! I think I'll go shopping this week! I'll get around so much faster without the bus!"

I might single-handedly nullify the benefits of this plan. It's like brushing your teeth with Jell-o.


may-b said...

Mmmm. Jello. I'm in.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Hey Bron: Brandy informs me that there now exists a strawberry-banana flavour of Jell-o. I've decided that I must investigate/sample immediately.