Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hello from Calgary!

We're nearly to Saskatchewan. I'm blogging from my cousin Saryn's house in Calgary (she and her husband are actually away this weekend, but they were very hospitable and let us stay at their place). Last night, we were camping near Sicamous, BC, and the night before that we were in Vancouver. But tomorrow in the late afternoon, I will be in Regina. Ah. That sounds so good. (We're actually parting ways with Meg and Karl tomorrow, and leaving early so that we can get to Regina before supper.)

Some highlights from our trip:
  • One of our longest stretches driving without a break was the four hours it took for us to get from Meg and Karl's place in Vancouver to...Abbotsford, a suburb of Vancouver. It was a mess. (Uh, I Twittered the ordeal, but I don't know how interesting that will be.) There were a few truck fires that stopped traffic on all the routes out of the city, and so we traveled for four hours going 6 km/h. Baby Andrew handled the traffic jam more gracefully than I did.
  • As a result of that four hour delay, it's a really good thing that we'd only planned on camping for the first night five hours away from Vancouver. As it was, we were racing daylight to get our tents up (as we all forgot flashlights), and we cooked our supper in the dark.
  • Do you know what's a big shock when you've been living in "we have no weather whatsoever Victoria" for too long? Real summer weather. Wow, is it ever ridiculously hot outside.
  • Have I mentioned that it's amazing driving through the Rockies? Other people must think so too, because I realised that in the course of a few hours, we drove through four of Canada's national parks. (And there was another one just to the north of us.) You'd think they'd space those out or something, seeing as Saskatchewan only has two.
  • Now I'm going to go and sleep for a year. Or get up early and drive to Regina. One or the other.

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twirly said...

ohh I really love the Canadian Rockies - I heart Banff - I love summer there.