Monday, April 28, 2008

My big sister

She turns 30 today! She flew out to celebrate her birthday with her most favourite sister ever. So far, we have celebrated by: sleeping, eating pancakes, and watching Newsies. (And fast-forwarding through the boring parts with adults or the character Sarah.) And then I bake a cake and we eat fondue for supper.

We're both wearing superhero t-shirts today and I keep offering that we should spend the day speaking in fake New York accents (à la Newsies). Apparently she doesn't want to do the latter.


ncsteph said...

awww... that photo is too cute! Sounds like you girls are gonna have an AWESOME birthday celebration! :) Mary: give your big sis a BIG hug from me, okay??? :)

Krissie said...

hahaha, Janice!! I love that pic..looks like there must be a plan to fire the stroller down some steps after she finishes saying 'Cheeeese!'