Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I can breathe again

Subtitled: I am a big old sillyhead

I have been a ball of nerves since Friday. I just felt so off when I wrote my culture exam. The night after I wrote it, I kept waking up and remembering everything that I'd forgotten to say in the exam. And so I got really nervous: what if my supervisor thinks my exam isn't good enough to pass?

And that got me second-guessing my 19th century Europe exam. What if I missed the point?

And so I've been a nervous wreck for several days, and have been obsessively checking my university e-mail waiting for word from the grad secretary regarding whether I'd passed. And I didn't hear anything for days and days and days.

Finally my sister told me to e-mail the secretary and ask her. I finally did that today, and five minutes later found out that I passed Culture and the 19th century! She was just waiting to hear back from the 20th century prof, which was why I hadn't heard from her. (20th century Europe was my easy exam, and so I'm not worried about that one.)

So...I passed! I'm sure they'll grill me at the oral exam, but I did well enough to warrant a pass! And it's pass/fail!

I'm almost there! And I'm a big old sillyhead for being such a nervous wreck this week.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...


Good for you! You worked really hard for this exam, so I'm happy you passed.

arimich <> said...


The History Enthusiast said...

Woo hoo! Congrats!

I was a bundle of nerves after mine too.