Monday, April 21, 2008

And then I'm out the door

Time: 11:11am

I am wearing: a black turtleneck, a grey pinstripe skirt, and my Boots of Power (2.0). And makeup.

How I am occupying myself right now: Breathing deeply, making the woobly feelings in my stomach go away, writing down the seminar room where my oral exam is being held, so that I don't forget.

Today I have consumed: toast, a banana, orange juice, Moroccan Mint green tea. (And I think I'll buy my lunch at the university. A salad. I can stomach a salad.)

My strategies for making myself feel confident: Other than studying, I'm wearing Boots of Power 2.0 and I'm going to have my Winner medal hiding in my bag. I'm totally bringing it along. And I may wear it after my exam.

And now... I'm out the door! The exam's at 1pm, but I have to run an errand on my way to school, and I've decided to eat lunch at the university so that I'm already there and not depending on the bus to get me there on time. I don't trust the bus today.


Anonymous said...

good luck! I will think of you at precisely 1pm your time!

Meg P. said...

Hey, good luck! We're praying for you!