Monday, January 21, 2008

I'll go visualize your eggs, Bob.

As this blog continues to be "Maryanne Updates Her Readership On the Progress of Her Cold and On What Distracts Her From the Cold": the cold's still bad.

Well, I slept until after noon today (missing church, because seriously I haven't left the house since Tuesday), and I thought I was feeling better after that. But then I got up and my sinuses were throbbing so much that they felt like they were vibrating. And that, combined with a headache and weird stomach pains, makes me feel dizzy and nauseous. The dizziness and headache are starting to make me worry that maybe I've now developed an inner ear infection; I've had one of those before, and they're the worst thing ever.

And so I can't really do much right now. (And I need to get better quickly: the conference that I'm helping to run starts on Friday! And did I mention my comprehensive exams lately?) But right now all I can manage to do is lay or sit on the couch, passively watching TV. Anything more makes my sinuses vibrate more and then the nausea gets worse.

This evening, two things have kept me distracted from the ouchy and the yucky: the very satisfying finale for The Amazing Race and NBC's showing of Runaway Bride.

Confession: I love Runaway Bride. I have watched it roughly a million times (Meg owned it and we watched it together a lot. Quotes from it comprised much of our household in-jokes. We'd constantly go back and forth with "Benedict." "Arnold." "I love Eggs Benedict. I hate all other kinds of eggs.") I forgive so much in that movie, and don't know how it is that I can't get enough of it. Joan Cusack may be part of that reason.

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