Monday, August 27, 2007


Why does Dr. Who have to be simultaneously British Funny and The Most Frightening Thing I've Ever Seen on Television? Seriously, I always forget how scary the scary parts are, and then the bad guys show up and they are some kind of scary that I thought my brain only made up during my worst nightmares. I imagine that lots of people don't find them as scary as I do. They're just Personalised Frightening, made scary just for me. (Such as: creepy children that are evil and carry red balloons; statues that cover their faces but are really going to kill you when they uncover their faces; scarecrows in general.) Also: why does Chris have to watch it every week, and why am I unable to just go and do something else while it's on?


StyleyGeek said...

I find Dr Who scary too. Especially that statue episode. I had to keep hiding behind Geekman.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I had to keep hiding behind Chris whenever the statues were around!

Teacher Lady said...

At least you weren't running up and down the hall.