Wednesday, August 22, 2007

If you're interested... (millennipost!)

Update the next day: It took until today to notice that this post was my 1000th! Seriously, folks: I've posted a thousand times now. A thooooousand. That's crazy!

I just posted the pictures from our Washington trip here. There are a couple of pictures of Chris in there, for those of you who are wondering about how he looks with the weight loss, although they're not very good. One of them is just of his face, and in the other picture he's wearing That Giant Bunnyhug That Has Always Been Too Big For Him and Now It Swallows Him Whole.

And so I also give you a blurry shot that I snapped while Chris was watching his first Roughrider game since we got cable. This game was extra-exciting for him because his team pulled fully into first place (after being tied for first) in the West. (For those who know what happened in the game, you can tell by his serene face that this is the first quarter, before the rain and the dropped touchdowns and the Edmonton being ahead for too long and the power outage and the CBC not coming back even when the power came back on.)

You can also see the progress of our decorating (the newish TV stand, the silk cushion, the tree that's been nursed back to health) and old Lappy, complete with bandaid.


Meg P. said...

But where's the rest of Chris? I only see half of him! :-)

Hey! Today is Leni Riefenstahl's birthday.

Shannon said...

They are first in the league since the 70's! Hooray! I wish I'd seen that game.

Teacher Lady said...

Congratulations on your wordiness.

Keri said...

Congrats on your millennipost!