Friday, July 20, 2007

We're selling the rights for the made-for-TV movie

For the past several months, Chris has been going running about 3km every weekday morning, before he goes to work. It turned out that the main side effect of all this running (other than the fact that he's even more of a human puppy than before -- So! Much! Energy!) is that he's lost a fair amount of weight. In fact, he's dropped a couple of sizes.

This wasn't entirely noticeable until I was away in Saskatchewan -- suddenly, his frame started changing and he started getting thinner in noticeable places like his face and his shoulders. Or, at least, the seniors in our church didn't notice until I was away.

And all they knew was this: a.) Maryanne's away; b.) Chris seems to be losing weight like a dying man.

To them, this could only mean three things: a.) Chris isn't eating very well while the wife is away; b.) Chris is really dying; c.) Chris has developed anorexia.

Because of this, each of them seemed to come to the same conclusion: invite Chris over for supper and feed him KFC.

(Now I'm having to deal with each of them and explain "No, Chris isn't 'going overboard on dieting.' In fact, he isn't dieting at all! He bought two boxes of ice cream!")


Kate said...

Ice ream is really the only good reason to run. (Says the girl who runs 10k every other day.) (And buys ice cream cones every other day. Coincidence? I think not.)

Teacher Lady said...

You need to take a picture of Chris.

trillwing said...

Yay for Chris!

Mr. Trillwing pulled this same weight-loss stunt on me while I was pregnant. Husbands are supposed to *gain* weight along with their expecting wives. But no. . . while I gained 40 pounds, Mr. Trillwing dropped the same amount. (We met, briefly, at 200 lbs.)

Here's hoping none of Chris's weight has jumped to you! :)

Life&Times said...

Good for Chris!!! You should definately post some pictures!!!