Friday, July 13, 2007

Really Random Bullets of Nearly Asleep

  • What am I doing still awake?
  • I just now noticed something that I wrote three posts ago: "There [at the farm], I will run around with small cousins, putter about with my grandparents, and attempt to avoid petting any kitties that might be about (even if they look soft)." Uh, how well do I know myself? Except that I wasn't very successful in avoiding petting the kittens. After Cole and I found them and they were so sweet and soft-looking, I gave in and pet them a little bit with the tip of my finger. And then washed my hands and took an antihistamine.
  • I don't know where my brain was today (oh right: I had just been chasing around toddlers at a beach), but I was weirdly incompetent while dyeing my sister's hair black today. Well, the dye job turned out fine, but I pretty much dyed myself and the entire bathroom black in the process. I keep finding black marks everywhere. I blame my sister's Very Long Hair.
  • In other news of my incompetence, my dear Bronwyn bought me some Dove Energy Glow (and specifically picked the fair skin variety) to try to counteract my frighteningly white legs, and I think I've been applying it wrong. I tried to apply it as evenly as possible, and it made a shocking change right away, and I ended up with sandal lines and watch lines and white marks in the creases of my wrist. Also, the fronts of my legs (and only the fronts) started turning vaguely orange. And yet I continue to use it, mostly as a scientific experiment: what will happen to my skin next?
  • Also, I tore my pants in a public place this week. Straight across my bum. And, because I'm socially awkward, I told everyone I encountered, as I held the tear shut and ran backwards to my dorm.
  • The best pick-me-up for a week when I've been discouraged by Yet Another Rejection Letter: the delightful Trillwing named me a Rockin' Girl Blogger. She gave this reasoning for my prize: "Because Maryanne is funny. Very funny. And since she's still a grad student, she helps me remember what it was all about. And for that I am grateful." It's strange how much it encouraged me to have someone as clever as Trillwing refer to me as funny. I'm supposed to name five more, but I'd rather think this through when I wasn't operating in a fog of sleepiness and dairy products.
  • Where did I consume those dairy products, you ask? (Of course you asked that. It was just killing you.) At Denny's. I was there this evening with my sister and my pseudo-sisters. We were originally planning on going somewhere normal, but realised that we were dressed too schlubbily to go anywhere not frequented by truckers. And for some reason, I saw fit to order only menu items with the word "cheese" in their names. You know, you really have to treasure a group of friends with whom you can go to a breakfast place on a Thursday evening dressed like hobos, leave early, and still consider it the greatest night ever. (I really wish I had recorded that conversation. All I remember is Bronwyn suddenly lighting up and shouting "I just remembered sour cream!")
  • Please don't ask me how I'm progressing with my reading.


Anonymous said...

It seriously was the greatest night ever. I wish we had had a tape recorder, because I don't remember half of the funny stuff we said. And it was GOLD. Pure GOLD.

May-B said...

And, in my defense, sour cream is really good. I had forgotten until that very moment.