Thursday, July 26, 2007

Now, this is just ridiculous

Apparently, I have sensitive skin.

Skin that's so sensitive that I just got a chemical burn on my finger from not washing Tabasco sauce off quickly enough. Like, a blister formed and everything. Tabasco! That stuff is hardly even spicy! Chris drinks it like it's water!

And he won't let me live it down. He just told me that I wasn't allowed to help him with something because my skin's "too delicate."


Anonymous said...

Ah, the delicate Norwegian skin strikes again.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

*Shaking fist at Ky*

Julia H. said...

Take a picture!!!

may-b said...

I want Chris to put a little bit on your upper lip while you sleep. Then you can try and explain why you have a blister mustache!!

LynnieC said...

No wonder Ky laughed so hard when Janice told me this story and I said something about your delicate Norwegian skin.

We're so awesome.