Tuesday, May 29, 2007

QoWP: Now with more Heebie-Jeebies

Sometime after our Flood,* the Ants** returned. But this time they didn't seem to be coming in around our door or anything. They were just existing in our living room and bathroom. Especially in our living room, progressively.

They got really bad in the past week. Grossly bad. To the point that I left the house today (it's really hard to get me to leave the house), just so that I could escape the ants for a while.

But, when Chris got home today, we took a flashlight and I followed an ant all the way back to its home. In our carpet. There was a tiny hole and a puffy place in our carpet, right in the corner in the entryway to our bedroom. Our living room carpet had become an anthill.

Gross gross gross gross gross.

(I think we've taken care of the Living Room Ant Problem now -- most of a can of Raid and some dizziness later. Now we just have to take care of the ones coming in through our storage room and into our kitchen, and we'll be good.)

I understand if you never want to come to our apartment again. Especially since, just after we finshed off the can of Raid, the first Giant Spider of the season came running out of our bedroom.

* Yes, it gets capitalised.
** See above


trillwing said...

This totally trumps my carpet mushrooms.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Wow. Actually, carpet mushrooms still scare me more than carpet anthill. Well, now that I've had a carpet anthill and managed to get rid of it so easily.

Anonymous said...

ewwwww! also ewww to the carpet mushrooms.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about the spiders. I'm scared of going to Victoria.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Ky, spiders are only in basements. And now I can handle them. I totally killed one myself this morning. You're a brave girl!