Friday, May 04, 2007

Bringing out the big guns

Time: 9:26am

I am wearing: my "Wait Til You See Me Dance" t-shirt, dress pants, leather shoes, pigtails in my hair. And mascara. That makes me feel even more determined.

I have consumed: Breakfast. And I've already decided on what I'm having for lunch.

I am determined: to get work done today! I'm going to catch the next bus to the University, take out the books that I need, and read a couple. I'm also going to translate some more German. And get my allergy shot. And bus to the bank in time to deposit some cheques. Thus, all the psychological tricks I'm playing on myself to get me out of the house. Including the fact that I'm already wearing my shoes, in hopes that it makes me think, "Well, but I'm already wearing my shoes! I'd better leave the house!"

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arimich <> said...

You're precious.