Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday Morning Answer Time

Time: 9:32am

Location: On the black leather couch that we will be returning soon (goodbye comfy couch...welcome back ugly futon), surrounded by my clutter (baked spinach and artichoke dip and chips, cushions, some paperwork from the class I finished teaching, SAD lamp, oven mitts).

Looking at: the pink tulips on our kitchen table, and the strange antenna on top of our TV.

Wearing: green M*A*S*H t-shirt, green capris, white fleece zip-up bunnyhug, rubber-soled slippers, bobbly pigtails.

I have consumed: leftover spinach and artichoke dip with chips, toasted baguette, juice.

Units of tea consumed today: none yet, oddly enough. But that will be remedied soon.

Listening to: CBC Radio News playing in the other room.

Feeling: relaxed, a little tired (in spite of the fact that I've already used the SAD lamp and I've had more than enough sleep).

Planning: a day at the library, filling in some of the gaps in my reading before my next meeting.

Thinking about: an article in Chris's Popular Science that I just read. The reporter was driving a Smart Car across the US, getting people's responses to it, in anticipation of the car being sold in the United States. (That's so strange to me, because the Smart Car has become ubiquitous around here.) One man said that he spends $60 every three days on gas for his pick-up truck. That's so strange to me, considering the fact that we pay $40 every two weeks on gas for our Echo. And that's with the higher cost of gas here than in the US; there, we'd be paying $30 every two weeks. (And that's all stop-and-go city driving; we get way better mileage when we do some highway driving.) I've realised that I no longer can fathom the appeal of such gas-guzzling vehicles.

Also thinking about: how fun it is to say the word "bees" over and over.

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