Saturday, March 24, 2007

Symptoms: may act like she's four years old

Several years ago, I was sharing a room with my sister at a camp. I had just awaken, and was complaining that I was "grumpy." The idea that I was grumpy made my sister laugh, because apparently my version of grumpy was to wear stripey socks and repeatedly say the word "Bees." Janny told everyone about how silly I was, telling people that I was grumpy, but then wearing stripey sock and saying "Bees."

And then I threw up. Apparently by "grumpy" I meant "sick to my stomach." But the problem is that, when I'm sick, I turn into a small child.

Yesterday's symptoms that I was coming down with something: clumsiness, sadness at having to be awake and not dreaming about puppies, an overwhelming sense of self-entitlement, and then a very sore throat. Ouch. That last symptom is what I'm dealing with now.

Hm. I hope all that makes sense. I'm not overly coherent right now. I think I'm going to go take a hot bath and then see if my throat's going to let me sleep some more.

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