Friday, March 09, 2007

No, I haven't spent my week watching Full House

Actually, I've hardly watched TV since Tuesday. I think the novelty wore off. Or I've being doing actual work. One of the two. But today I've been pretty lazy, so far. I had a migraine yesterday, and my neck's still pretty sore today. I'm worried that, if I try to play through the pain and go to the University, I'm going to have a replay of yesterday (the wooziness, the blurred vision...).

And so I've been catching up on Corner Gas on CTV Broadband and eating leftovers.

Some highlights from the past few days:
  • The non-incomptent flood repair guys showed up and shampooed my carpets yesterday morning. I was still in my pyjamas when they arrived. As usual. They saw the shoddy work done by No-Nonsense Grandpa and Aspiring Musician and were really displeased. And so the main guy is going to come back in his spare time and fix everything they did wrong. I approve.
  • I talked on the phone with my Daddy on Wednesday evening! He's in a regular ward now, and they're not in any rush to discharge him from the hospital, but he's progressing way more quickly than they expected. He can swallow! (They weren't sure if he wasn't going to be able to do that.) And he has his voice back! And his CO2 levels are good and low, and they don't have to have him on the ventilator much at all! And he's energetic like I haven't heard him in ages. I have my Papa back and I'm so glad. (Cute aside: Mom bought him an mp3 player, because he really really wanted one, and now he's having lots of fun playing with it.)
  • The other Germanist in the department and I are going to hire my friend Kat as our German tutor for the spring and summer. We're making all the arrangements, and this is going to be way too fun.

I think that's most of everything that's new around here. I feel like I've been just going non-stop this week, and so I'm glad that I'm going to take things a little easier today. Maybe I'll check what's on TV, after I finish this last episode of Corner Gas.

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Life&Times said...

Such good news about your dad!!! I'm so happy for you :) :) :)