Sunday, March 25, 2007

My current mode of procrastination

Today, as I've attempted to string together coherent sentences (I used to think that cold medication knocked me out; now I have discovered that head colds themselves do that to me), I've only had the energy for two different activities: watching TV and passively looking at stuff on the internet. And, since my usual online enjoyments seem to take a break for the weekends (and because my TV options, after America's Next Top Model was over, were either Daddy Day Care or some show about Islam), I've been entertaining myself by making half-plans for my life after this degree. Looking at houses in Saskatchewan, researching how that province's regional colleges and distance education programs work, daydreaming.

I think my brain's been heading in those directions because my last degree only took two years. At this point of my MA, I was deep into thesis drafts and planning to move across the country. I was looking beyond the degree, after this point. The end of that coursework was a major milestone.

So, now I'm finished my PhD coursework and have put a bit of a dent in my comps reading, but I'm not even half-way through. I have possibly three more years to go. I still have to read most of my comps list, take my comprehensive exams, plan a dissertation, research a dissertation, do archival research in Germany, and then write it. I'll also need to find some funding during that time, and probably teach a few courses.

Is it just the head cold talking, or does that sound exhausting? I could use some sort of pick-me-up soon.

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gramsey said...

I'm sorry you're ill and down. All I can think to suggest is a particularly Victoria form of procrastination: find a nice coffee shop (I'm thinking Olive Olio's down by Gyro Park), find a sunbeam and sit in it for as long as you can, sipping your cappuccino slowly and letting the sun sink into your bones. It'll be good for your cold and your soul. close your eyes, occasionally opening one to look at the tourists driving by wondering at the strange Victorians who just seem to sit around in coffee shops all day, 'they must all be writers', and you reply 'darn right, and a PhD researcher to boot!' You could sort of casually lay a notebook and pencil on the table beside you to hint to people that you might possibly start writing something brilliant right there in front of them... or not. The ultimate form of this is to hang around the shop for so long that you shuffle back to the counter, spotty eyed from looking at the sun too much, and order another drink. So go do some chillaxin' girl!