Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Feeling so un-Canadian

This is not going to make any sense to any non-Canadians, but we don't get CBC, CTV, or Global on our TV. Victoria doesn't even have a CBC or CTV station, and we can't get the local Global station (called CH) on our TV. Instead, we get A-Channel (CityTV) and Omni.10 (owned by Rogers). Whaaaa? So, no Corner Gas? No Rick Mercer? No sports? (That whole "no CBC means no sports" thing is killing Chris.) Only UHF stations? Ones that seem like they'd only be offered on cable -- seriously, Omni exclusively broadcasts religious programming before 3 in the afternoon. Of every religion I can name off the top of my head. It's like VisionTV or something. (After that, it's stuff like Full House and According to Jim.)

At least A-Channel seems be pretty awesome. They show a movie every night. And Chris is bitter that we have to go to bed at a reasonable time, because they show Stargate and Farscape late at night.

In other news, the Encyclopedia of Cooking is exactly the kind of awesome I was expecting. I was freaking out Chris with all the gross-sounding jellied salads and jelly-moulded other things. They'd start all normal-sounding (say, lemon jell-o) and then veer into horseradish and beets and fish. It's insane to realise that tastes have changed so much that, other than the breads and most of the desserts, a lot of what was valued in 1959 sounds disgusting now. (So many "Variety Meats." So many fancy dishes involving weiners and beans.) (On the other hand, I'm also finding recipes that found fantastic. I'm totally trying out her Praline Cake.)


Matthew said...

So, Victoria isn't actually part of Canada, I guess. No CBC station?! Boggles the mind. I prefer CBC radio to television, but still.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

At least we have CBC Radio here. And we love that. And we have Randy Bachman living on Saltspring Island.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Rogers a Canadian company? What is making me think it is?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Rogers is a Canadian company. As is CityTV. It's just not the channels I'm used to.