Friday, March 16, 2007

Dangerous Combination

Reading complicated pastry recipes in The Joy of Cooking, while looking at jo(e)'s pictures from her trip to a Certain Famous But Unnamed City Where They Speak French and Carry Around Baguettes, while listening to Joni Mitchell's "Free Man in Paris."

Okay, and while wearing a blue silk scarf wrapped around my head.

Right. I'm supposed to be getting work done.

Added at 7:00pm: Apparently, my dear husband was also in a Parisian mood today. He went to the grocery store, and all he brought home was a baguette and some flowers. I asked him if he rode a bicycle to bring those home.


liz said...

Ahhhh, c'est vrai.

Don't try to make the madelleines from Joy. She has the oven too hot and bakes them too long.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Thanks for warning me, Liz. (Is it the 75th anniversary edition? They retested all the recipes and adjusted them.)

May-B said...

I love cook books, but I don't cook. And you talking about the Joy of Cooking makes me want to go get it too. But then, I may be expected to use it.

liz said...

No, the earlier version. Just check hers against someone else's before you go ahead. Her batter is way ahead of others I've tried and if you use a shorter, cooler bake it comes out very nicely.