Saturday, March 31, 2007

Best way to end a cold

Gradually, throughout the week, we descended into chaos. Chris's cold got worse; mine didn't get much better. We were both too tired to do any housework. Garbage cans overflowed with Kleenex. The floor was littered with juiceboxes. Our kitchen table was a sea of dirty dishes, dead daisies, and Chemistry notes.

And then suddenly it was Friday. That last bit of my sinus pain went away after my chiropractor visit (he did this crazy stuff involving massaging my sinuses), and Chris was finally in the place where he wasn't sleeping during all of his non-working hours. And it was payday for both of us, ending a week that got pretty financially tight. And it was Friday, for goodness sake.

What better reason for a celebration than the end of all that?

It took so few elements and so little money, but suddenly our whole house felt festive: cooking an elaborate and unfamiliar supper (stuffed chicken breasts with Italian bread stuffing). A loaf of sourdough bread instead of the usual whole wheat. Fourteen orange roses. A quick rush around the kitchen, living room and dining room to clean up, as if we were expecting guests. The fun of cooking together. Using the fancy dishes. The excitement of renting a movie for the first time since September.

And, like that, the weight of the whole week had fallen away.

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