Monday, April 17, 2006

The Marathon Begins

The goal: I have two essays to hand in, over the next week. One week.

Essay lengths: the first one is 30 pages, and the second one is 25.

Brief descriptions: well the first (longer) one is more of the "analyse a specific event and reach conclusions" kind of essay. The second one is a historiography of an entire field. A very disjointed field at that, and so I'm going to have to make some prescriptions.

My progress: well, I've done a bunch of research on the first one, but I still have quite a way to go. And I need to finish researching by tonight. You know, now that it's 10:38pm. Or maybe I'll finish tomorrow morning. For the other one? I have a few books, and a whole list of ones I have to get out of the library. I think I'll go there tomorrow, and plan to come home when Chris gets off work, so that I don't have to take all the books on the bus.

I am: insane.


Pink Cupcake said...

Good luck! I'll be here to cheer you on. :)

Matt said...

Good luck, Maryanne! ('re going to need it) 55 pages of writing and a bunch of research, in one week's time, sounds so very not fun. Oh well, you'll pull through; you always do.

Tabitha Grimalkin said...

Good luck with the work!!

Love the blog!! (I noticed that we even have some of the same "procrastination links" -- fun!)

LynnieC said...

See, this is one of those days that I don't envy you.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Thank you, everyone! Lynniec, when have you ever been envying me for still being in school? Remember how you have a cool job?

And welcome, Tabitha! Your blog is very much fun.

Aspiring Academic said...

Good luck! Go get 'um!

Shannon said...

Excellent! Tabitha's picture is Nancy Drew!! I love Nancy Drew. "The mystery of the hidden staircase" or something like that?