Saturday, March 11, 2006

How to Research Over a Weekend, Like the Q of WP

This is a bit of an homage to jo(e), but it's really a continution of my Guide to Job Action:

1. Get a really cool book from Inter-Library Loans.
2. Be so impressed by the book, and so convinced that you will use it in your comps, that you decide to buy a copy. Spend some time wandering around and ABEBooks. End up ordering both that book, and another one by the same author, through ABE. Hey, that's research, right?
3. Decide that you're going to read the book in the bathtub. End up not reading. Classes are long on Fridays, and you deserve a break.
4. Go to bed and decide to get started in the morning.

1. Sleep in.
2. Read blogs and recaps on TWoP. Hey, you're still waking up! Investigate TWoP's neat new forums.
3. Look at Far Side comics with husband. Quality time with husband is important.
4. Pick out records for studying. Start reminiscing about record collection. Start playing single songs from entire records. ("Forever in Blue Jeans," You Don't Bring Me Flowers, Neil Diamond). Dance about the living room.
5. Realise that you have a five-hundredth blog post to write. You owe it to your readership, really. Spend some time mulling over photos of Meshach Taylor.
6. Pick up the book, and decide to read it. Lay down on the couch to read.
7. Wake up, an hour and a half later.
8. Go and get some chips and guacamole. Marvel at how you can scoop that guacamole with the cool Salsa Spoon tortilla chips Chris picked up.
9. Realise that it's suppertime.
10. Spend quality time with husband, playing him Jack Johnson songs.
11. Realise that you don't have an iTune playlist devoted to songs for mellow grooving.
12. Craft said playlist.
13. Find Padam CD and upload it to computer. Listen to the CD, to pick out appropriate songs for the playlist. Play around with naming the song after "J'suis Cool," the inspiration of the playlist.
14. Test-drive said playlist. Name it "Groove."
15. Make a pot of tea. Decide to make it a mixture of Jasmine and Saskatoon berry tea. Spend some time fussing over the proportions of loose tea.
16. Sit down with the book for about half an hour. Take some notes and get excited about essay plans.
17. Discover that you've used up two of your favourite pens. Go and get a fresh Sarassa pen, and to gloat to Christopher of how hard you work.
18. Get Christopher a cup of saskatoon jasmine tea.
19. Take a break and blog a while, as a reward for using up the pens.

Well, that brings us to now. I guess I should return to it, eh?


LynnieC said...

Hurrah for J'suis Cool!!! I have no idea what they're saying, but you can just TELL that these guys really are cool.
I forgot to tell you, at the Paris and Berlin reunion at Dr B's place, Dr B went over to switch the music and then got all excited and was like "Lynmara, do you remember this?" And then played Padam. It was so cute. He's the awesomest.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I love Dr. B's influence on our music. He has the best music ever: did I ever tell you about when he hosted the department barbeque and played the best jazz music ever?

I hope you jumped up and down when he played Padam.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I forgot:

3.b. After finishing reading the most recent Battestar Galactica recap, annoy Chris by doing an impression of President Laura Roslin, writing on the Whiteboard of Extinction. Cause him to fear that, should he cross you, he'll be facing the Airlock.

arimich <> said...

Please tell me that the saskatoon berry tea is packaged in such a way that it would make it though customs if I brought a package back here. I get homesick for those berries.

p.s. That is one awesome weekend. And I love that you spoke Canadian at the end.

gramsey said...

Gah! you were reading an interlibrary loan book in the BATH? Excuse me while I pick up the chair I just fell off of in shock.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I didn't get around to reading the ILL book in the bath. But sometimes I do stuff like that -- I've developed a skill of not getting books wet.

And Ariann, the Saskatoon berry tea is made by Paranteau's, and it is most certainly packaged in such a way as you can get it through customs. We picked up this container of it at the Book and Briar Patch coffee shop.